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Video Production and Editing Prices

With Silk6 Media, there are never any extra fees for specific songs, titles, menus, and transitions.
When we take on your editing project, our goal is to give you the best quality DVD possible at the most reasonable price.

The following is automatically included with any video editing or photo-slideshow project:

  • Hollywood Style Intros (info)
  • DVD Menu Authoring (info)
  • Custom Designed DVD Cases (info)
  • Music for Menus and Video (info)
  • Transitions and Effects (info)
  • Titles and Credits (info)

To determine the cost for your project, you only need to consider just two factors...
  1. What is the desired length of your Finished DVD
  2. How long is the Raw Footage (what is "raw footage")

Videography Information
On-Location Videography Services Pricing

$265.00 for the 1st Hour
$85.00 for each additional hour
Traveling Fees

Our travel fee is just $15.00 or
$1.00 per mile from Downtown Baltimore
(whichever is greater)
Payment Information

A 50% despoit plus the full traveling fee is required to reserve any date with us.

The full balance must be paid in cash or by credit card upon the videographer's arrival at your location .

Please Note

If it is likely that you will be extremely busy upon our arrival, we will request that the balance be paid at least 24 hours before the day of the event to ensure.
Video Editing Information
DVD Production Pricing Chart

30 Minute DVD $99.99 + (Raw Footage Fee)
60 Minute DVD $124.99 + (Raw Footage Fee)
90 Minute DVD $149.99 + (Raw Footage Fee)
120 Minute DVD $174.99 + (Raw Footage Fee)
Raw Footage Fee

Our Raw Footage Fee is just $1.25 per minute of footage.
(eg. 60 Minutes of original footage provided for edit = $75.00)

(DVD Production Price)
(Raw Footage Fee)

(Your Total Cost)
Ordering Extra Copies

Order extra copies of your DVD to share with friends and family for just $12.00 per copy (for the first 3 copies).

All copies after 3 are just $10.00 each.